Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dieting: We've Lost Our Way

The cult of thinness and fear of its apparent opposite, obesity, has gone too far, says Susie Orbach in an extract from her new book Bodies.
The West has grown terrified of obesity. To read the figures put out by the International Obesity Task Force, one might believe we were in the midst of an obesity epidemic that will swamp our health service and ruin the lives of the next generation.


Playing about with appetite, or eating only on weekends, or just one meal a day, or some such scheme, can indeed lead to thinness, but because it cannot be sustained, it can equally well lead to fatness. Emotional and biological rebellions against a life of food restriction, deprivation and compulsive exercising can produce either anorectic-style responses or what appears to be its opposite - out-of-control eating. Read more

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Worms: The New Miracle Cure

Here's a natural remedy for you: worms. Worms may hold the key to curing allergies, asthma, and other immune system disorders.
Could the humble worm hold the key to wiping out allergies and a whole lot of disorders of the immune system?

Researchers in Nottingham are investigating whether giving hook worms to asthma sufferers can cure their condition. Read more

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Masturbation May Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer

Men in their 20s and 30s need to find a girlfriend. A new study find that men under 40 who masturbated frequently - but not those who engaged in sexual intercourse - were more prone to prostate cancer before age 60.
A new study finds men who are sexually active in their 20s and 30s are more likely to develop prostate cancer — especially if they masturbate frequently. Read more

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oprah Loves Kate Winslet's Breasts

One of the reasons that I recommend natural breast enlargement over breast enhancement surgery -aside from the health risks - is that you tell the difference.
Kate Winslet got a lot of love from Oprah Winfrey on Tuesday, days after winning two Golden Globes. Discussing her role in "The Reader," Oprah brought up the film's many love scenes.
"You went farther than my imagination," Winfrey said of the explicit scenes, then moved the topic to Winslet's breasts.
"I love that you have real breasts. Your breasts do what real breasts do!!"
Winslet thanked her profusely and the two then talked about how to tell real breasts from fake ones.
It ended with a high five and Oprah telling Kate, "God bless your real breasts!" Watch

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Age-Defying Diet

Want to knock off 5lb and 10 years in two weeks? Then follow this eating plan (with recipes) from The Sunday Times that not only your skin, eyes and hair will thank you for, but also your waistline.
... There are many advantages to taking vitamins in food rather than in pill form. When you eat, you do not get isolated nutrients. For instance, a bowl of leafy greens provides an abundance of vitamins B, K and E, as well as fibre and antioxidants. The fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains that provide fibre also deliver vitamins and minerals naturally. Your diet has a direct impact, not only on your overall health and how you feel, but also on how you look.

What to eat

You need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and snack only if you need to, but in sensible portions, please. Remember, no cheating — so that’s no booze, no chocs and no straying from the plan. Read more

Saturday, January 3, 2009

From Punk to Acupuncture: Rockers as Alternative Health Practitioners.

The Times profiles several rockers who gave up music to become alternative health practitioners.
For every rocker who, in true rock'n'roll style, fails to make it beyond his or her twenties, there are many more who defy Roger Daltrey's early wish and do get old before they die. Many of those who reach middle age admit to owing their survival to some form of therapy. And for a notable few, it's the giving, not receiving, of such therapies that underpins their endurance.


What prompted them to take up such altruistic second careers?Susan Hallam, a psychologist and former musician, believes musicians are generally more tuned into their emotions. “It's this and the desire that many have to change things for the better.” Kevin PorĂ©e, who runs London's Berry Street recording studio, and has worked with James Brown and Radiohead, adds: “Despite the caricature of a musician as self-absorbed egoist, many are selfless people who are driven to make the world a better place.”

Providing therapy, it seems, is one way they can do this. Read more