Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Meditation for Bigger Breasts

Can you meditate for bigger breasts? It may seem like wishful thinking; however, both testimonials and studies attest to the fact that it is possible to enlarge your breasts through the power of the mind. Meditation may seem rather mysterious and complicated to some people, but it is basically quite simple and easy. Just follow these five steps:

Monday, July 29, 2019

Vitamin C Deficiency Remains Hidden as Major Cause of Heart Attacks

Vitamin C deficiency remains hidden as a major cause of heart attacks, says Bill Sardi.
Researchers claim they have found why humans, but not other animals, are prone to heart attacks. News reports of this discovery are confusing because they errantly infer a gene mutation (CMAH gene), which eliminates internal synthesis of a sugar-like molecule called Neu5Gc (aka sialic acid), is what makes humans vulnerable to chronic inflammation that can lead to cancer and heart attacks. Read more

Friday, July 19, 2019

Eating for Your Eyes

Carrots deliver nutrients that help preserve vision.
Carrots are considered as superfoods for a reason: They’re delicious, full of nutrients, and rich in vitamin A. But can eating carrots really help improve eye health?

The amazing nutrient profile of carrots

Carrots are versatile root vegetables that can be consumed raw, cooked, or juiced. They can also be used to make various dishes like salads, soups, or stews. Carrots contain carotenoids — powerful antioxidants that also give them their unique orange color. Because they’re full of antioxidants and vitamin A, carrots can help improve eyesight. Read more

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Is Natural Breast Enhancement Right for You?

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and every woman experiences them differently. Breasts are seen as symbols of femininity, so many women lack confidence, both socially and sexually, because of the size of their breasts. These women feel that by having bigger, firmer breasts, they would be more attractive and sexy. If you are one of these women, before you consider breast augmentation surgery, you owe it to yourself to investigate natural breast enhancement and what it can do for you. Not only is natural breast enhancement, safer than breast augmentation surgery, your bigger, firmer breasts will be all-natural.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Walking 9,000 Steps a Day Could Prevent Alzheimer's

Walking 9,000 steps a day could protect against Alzheimer's, a study suggests.
Walking 8,900 steps a day could protect the brain against decline and brain tissue loss from Alzheimer's disease, according to a study.

Researchers tracked the movement of elderly people and measured the levels of a protein linked to Alzheimer's to work out the link.

And they added exercise should be used alongside other heart health interventions such as lowering cholesterol, quitting smoking and losing weight.

Improving blood flow has been linked to protecting the brain in the past and people with dementia are often found to have reduced flow to the brain, potentially starving it of vital oxygen and nutrients and hastening its decline. Read more

Friday, July 12, 2019

Yoga for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Research shows yoga can relieve physical and psychological symptoms.
People around the globe practice yoga to enjoy its many health benefits. According to a study in the journal Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, the practice can also benefit those who have active rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

In the eight-week study, the researchers observed that intensive yoga practice significantly reduced the severity of the physical and psychological symptoms experienced by participants with active RA, a debilitating chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease.Read more

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Breast Stretch Marks: 10 Natural Remedies That Work

Stretch marks are visible lines on the skin surface, which occur when there has been a lot of stress and stretch placed on the collagen fibers in the skin, which causes them to fray. If this stress is repeated, the fibers break which causes the characteristic abnormal surface texture of stretch marks. Breast stretch marks can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, especially with your partner. Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that can reduce the appearance of breast stretch marks.

Friday, July 5, 2019

How to Increase Testosterone: Natural Hacks That Work

Dr. Edward Group reveals several ways to increase testosterone naturally.
From supporting a healthy libido to building muscle mass, testosterone is an important hormone that has a massive influence on men’s health. Testosterone levels (sometimes called T levels) decline with age. Read more

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How to Make Your Own Natural Breast Enlargement Lotion

It is only natural for women to care about the size of their breasts. Having big breasts is a way to make a woman feel sexy and feminine. The most common way for women to increase their breast size is by having breast augmentation surgery; however, this can be expensive and even dangerous. Fortunately, there are breast enlargement herbs that can significantly increase the size of a woman’s breasts.

Monday, July 1, 2019

What Is Rosemary Good For?

Rosemary is one of those herbs with numerous uses, including several health benefits.
Since its primordial Mediterranean origins, the woodsy-citrus-like fragrance of rosemary has graced gardens, kitchens, and apothecaries throughout the world. A lovely herb with tags like "Dew of the Sea" and "Old Man," rosemary is related to mint and resembles lavender, with leaves like flat pine needles touched with silver.

Rosemary is one of those herbs with a thousand uses. It's extremely hardy and therefore easy to grow and maintain inside or out. Indoors, it requires lots of light but not too much heat and humid air. Spritz the plant with water a few times a week. Add an entire sprig to vegetable soups for a bright, unique flavor. Read more