Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can Prayer Really Work Health Miracles?

Can prayer really work health miracles? Since science can't prove it one way or another, you just have to have faith.
Medical science relies on evidence-based studies to show that different drugs or treatment regimens can improve a patient's health. But conducting studies of one potential therapy -- the healing power of prayer -- has proved a challenge.

Candy Gunther Brown, an associate professor of religious studies at Indiana University, would like to see that change. Given that about half of the American population prays, prayer could turn out to be a critical therapy, she believes. Read more

Monday, September 27, 2010

Discover the Superfood Power of Coconut

Super foods are defined as those foods which are so nutrient-rich that they can help fight aging and illness. Coconut is a super food which everyone should consider adding to his or her diet.
Foods that have an incredible array of health benefits that go well beyond just their nutrient value are considered 'super-foods.' Mothers' milk is considered the most perfect food on the planet for human consumption do to its ideal nutritional content and immune boosting compounds. The closest match in nature to mothers' milk is found within the coconut. This tropical staple is loaded with many powerful fatty acids that give it a unique taste and an abundance of health enhancing benefits. Read more

Friday, September 24, 2010

Avocado Hair Mask Tutorial

The avocado hair mask smells amazing and gives wonderful results. You will only need half of an avocado for the hair mask and for the other half; simply mash it up (mix honey, yogurt, etc) and apply it as a soothing face mask. Avocado is rich in beneficial oils good for our skin, body and health which is why some cultures call the fruit 'Green Gold'. Its not only delicious as a healthy treat, but also to our hair and skin.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If You Want to Age Gracefully, Don't Eat This

Joseph Mercola has written the best article on slowing down the aging process that you are likely to read anywhere. He not only tells you what not to do, but also what to do in order to age gracefully. Warning: his advice may contradict some medical myths that even your doctor may believe.
Death is surely inevitable, but I do believe you can live far longer than the average life expectancy tables (1) would predict, which in the U.S. is about 78. Genetics may play a role, but it is NOT the final determining factor for whether you'll live a long healthy life.

Barring an accident, your lifestyle has everything to do with your longevity.

It's already been established that diet can override genetic predispositions for disease (2), so don't fall into the trap of believing your health and longevity is somehow inescapably tied to what's polluting your gene pool.

The Leading Cause of Premature Aging and Death Read more

Monday, September 20, 2010

Drink More Water, Lose More Weight

Adding science to years of anecdotal claims, scientists find that drinking two cups of water before all three meals helped dieters lose weight and keep it off.
It's a popular dieting secret: Drink more water, and you'll shed more pounds. Finally, science is adding weight to the practice.

After about three months, a new study found, obese dieters who drank two cups of water before each meal lost 5 pounds more than a group of dieters who didn't increase their water intake. A year later, the water-drinkers had also kept more of the weight off. Read more

Friday, September 17, 2010

Memory Loss Is NOT a Normal Part of Aging, Say Dementia Experts

Though many older people laugh off memory lapses as "senior moments," dementia experts say they shouldn't. Memory loss is NOT a normal part of aging. It's a symptom of an underlying disease.
Mild memory lapses experienced by older people are often excused as 'senior moments,' but a new study has found the brain changes that cause the forgetfulness are also responsible for dementia.

The findings contradict a long-held notion that memory loss is a normal part of ageing, the U.S. team said.

'We don't think that just because you are old, a problem in thinking and memory is normal and should be ignored. We think it's an actual sign of disease,' said lead researcher Dr Robert Wilson, at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Read more

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flush Those Heavy Metals

Detox with "broken cell wall" chlorella. Chlorella's fibrous outer shell binds with the heavy metals in the bloodstream and assists in pulling them out of tissues to carry them out of the body.
Chlorella, single-celled fresh water algae, is often referred to as a near-perfect food, as its range of health benefits is truly astounding. In this interview, Ginny Bank expounds on this phenomenal nutrient.

Chlorella is perhaps most well known for its ability to detox your body by binding to toxins, such as mercury and carrying them out of your system.

But that’s not all this green algae is good for.

According to Ginny, chlorella can also be of great benefit to vegetarians and vegans who want proteins and B vitamins from a non-animal source. Chlorella is about 60 percent protein, and is considered to be a “complete protein” source because it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs.

Other health benefits include: Read more

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Silver Medicine

Silver has been used in the health field  for as long as there has been a health field. It was used in times of antiquity for fighting germs and healing tissue, and those uses have continued to this day. It has been undergoing a rapid resurgence in use in recent times in the medical and industrial fields.
For thousands of years silver has been used as a healing agent by civilizations throughout the world. Its medical, preservative and restorative powers can be traced as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman Empires. Long before the development of modern pharmaceuticals, silver was employed as a germicide.

Consider these interesting facts: Read more

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scalp Massages Relax and Stimulate

isSince a great deal of the human nervous system is located in the head, it's no wonder the area is prone to the effects of stress and tension. Just like a massage for your muscles, a scalp massage is the perfect way to ease away the tensions of the day.
In many cultures, head massage has been practiced for hundreds of years as a therapy to reduce stress and tension. Massaging the scalp can relieve migraine headache pain and even encourage hair growth by stimulating blood supply to the scalp. It rejuvenates the spirits, improves mental alertness and increases circulation to the face, head, neck and shoulders. Read more

Friday, September 3, 2010

Powerful Aphrodisiac Cocktail Drink

Excite your lover and make the night romantic and exciting with this special cocktail drink for men and women.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Turmeric and Neti Pots Help Sinus Infections and Chronic Sinusitis

Sinus infection, or sinusitis, is an inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages. A sinus infection can cause a headache or pressure in the eyes, nose, cheek area, or on one side of the head. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports that sinusitis causes a loss of four workdays per year, causing employers to list sinusitis as one of the top ten medical conditions. Fortunately, there are simple, inexpensive natural remedies for sinusitis.
Using turmeric or salt inhalation with a neti pot and using simple steam inhalation can treat sinus infections.

Sinusitis, also known as rhinosinusitis, is an infection or inflammation of the lining of the sinus cavities in the nose. This condition affects more than 40 million Americans annually. Sinusitis can be caused by colds, flu or allergies. Diseases such as bacterial infections also cause sinusitis, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center. Sinus infections can be painful, leading to headaches and work impairment. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports that sinusitis causes a loss of four workdays per year, causing employers to list sinusitis as one of the top ten medical conditions. Read more