Friday, April 28, 2017

The High-Fat, Low-Carb Way to Optimal Health

Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals how to eat the high-fat, low-carb way for optimal health.
There’s emerging scientific evidence that a high-fat, low-net carb and moderate protein diet is an ideal diet for most people. However, compliance tends to be low for a number of reasons.

Discussing this is Randy Evans, who has a master’s degree in nutrition and works with Dr. Jeanne Drisko at the University of Kansas Integrative Medical Center. I recently interviewed Drisko on her clinical use of nutritional ketosis.

Evans grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Iowa at a time when agriculture was largely still organic. “I actually grew up eating mostly real whole foods,” he says, noting his interest in nutrition was an outgrowth of his upbringing. His interest in the ketogenic diet emerged when he began working with Drisko five years ago. Read more

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Revealed: How Bad Breath, Low Sex Drive, or Headaches Could Be Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

Symptoms, such as bad breath, low sex drive, or headaches, could be signs of a vitamin deficiency. Find out what to eat to combat each sign of deficiency.
Many of us suffer from bad breath, cracked lips and agonising headaches. But they could all be a sign of something much more sinister.

These are just three of the common signs of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, experts have warned on the back of a new poll of 2,000 adults.

Other issues which could point to an insufficient diet include thinning hair, a lower libido, white spots on your nails, dandruff, stress and even dry skin. Read more

Monday, April 24, 2017

Link Discovered Between Zinc and Cardiac Health

Zinc is known to be effective against colds, but it has also been linked to cardiac health.
When most people think about zinc, they usually don’t know exactly what it is or that the body requires it for essential metabolic functions. However, according to a new study by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the level of zinc in the body directly affects the cardiac muscle, so much so that shortage may result in oxidative stress on the heart, due to increased free radicals. Read more

Friday, April 21, 2017

Breakfast Crammed With Fat Is Key to Energy, Productivity

Apparently, Wheaties is not the breakfast of champions: a breakfast crammed with healthy fats is the key to energy and productivity.
THE saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — but apparently only if you eat the right thing.

Those hoping to hear the full English is the way forward will be sorely disappointed too.

According to William Cole, who specialises in nutrition, what we should be eating first thing is a little more unusual.

He told Mind, Body, Green that a breakfast crammed with fat is the key to maintaining energy levels throughout the day, and eating this way will make you more productive. Read more

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How Getting Cold Can Keep You Healthy

You may not like the cold, but Dr. Joseph Mercola explains how the cold can help you stay healthy.
Effortless comfort has made us fat and sick. In this interview, Scott Carney, an investigative journalist, anthropologist and author of “What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength,”

The book reveals how environmental conditioning can improve your health by boosting your metabolic efficiency. A large portion of the book focuses on Danish fitness guru Wim Hof’s philosophies. Read more

Friday, April 14, 2017

Magnesium Supplements Can Protect Bones of Older People

Calcium is pushed as a preventative for osteoporosis, but researchers discovered that taking magnesium supplements could help protect bones as well.
Taking magnesium supplements in middle age could help protect bones, a study suggests.

The pills may hold the key to reducing rates of the most preventable cause of disability in middle-aged and elderly people, UK scientists said.

Researchers discovered middle-aged men who had high levels of magnesium in their blood nearly halved their chances of breaking a bone over the next 25 years. Read more

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to Make Natural Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner

Learn how to make your own natural rosemary and lavender herb infused shampoo. Rosemary is excellent at strengthening and promoting hair growth, and lavender is great for dry hair.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage for Optimum Health Benefits

You've probably heard that apple cider vinegar is good for you, but how much do you need for optimum health benefits?
Apple cider vinegar, a type of vinegar made from apples or cider, has a reputation for being beneficial to the health in numerous ways. But since it is a remedy for various health conditions, therefore it must be taken in the appropriate amount. In this article, we shall discuss the recommended apple cider vinegar dosage for optimum health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar in its raw and unfiltered form contains beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. These bacteria are advantageous to the gut environment in the human body. They can be helpful to treat gastrointestinal issues and boost the immune system. Comparatively, raw apple cider vinegar has more nutrient content than the pasteurized apple cider vinegar. This is because during the pasteurization process, a lot of the nutritious bulk of the living microbes- yeast and probiotic, get eliminated. Read more

Friday, April 7, 2017

Eat This Vegetable to Help Your Bladder

Urinary tract infections are more common than most people realize, but there is a vegetable you can eat to prevent them.
Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are more common than we would like them to be, accounting for approximately 10 million doctor visits a year. One in five American women will contract a UTI in their lifetime, and although it’s less prevalent among men, they can also get it. Read more

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

17 Superfoods That Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

Dr. Joseph Mercola says these seventeen superfoods give you the most bang for your buck.
Ideally, food is your “medicine.” It’s certainly one of the best preventive strategy I can think of, and getting more raw organic foods and healthy fats in your diet are key considerations.

However, while any type of whole food is better than none, some choices can give you more bang for your buck than others. Read more

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Want a Smart Child? Give Them Fish Oil Pills

Want a smart child? Give them fish-oil pills. Omega 3 significantly improves a youngster's ability to read, a study finds.
Every parent wants their child to achieve their dreams.

And now scientists believe they may have found the magic potion to give them a step up in life.

Children who consumed fish oil pills significantly improved their ability to read in just three months, a new trial shows. Read more

Friday, March 31, 2017

This Everyday Food Can Cure High Cholesterol

Desperate to lower your cholesterol? Forget statins. This everyday food could cure you, according to researchers.
HIGH cholesterol affects thousands of people in the UK - and many people don't know they could be suffering. However experts have said people could add more garlic - a vital ingredient in thousands of British dishes - to their diet in a bid to boost health. Read more

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

10 Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Our modern environment is loaded with harmful chemicals that can eventually destroy our health. Here are ten ways to detoxify your body without the discomfort that sometimes accompanies full detox routines.
Full detox, cleanses, and juicing all help rid the body of heavy metals and other toxins. However, certain detox methods are linked to various discomforts such as sore throat, constipation, and body aches. These symptoms may also include nausea, skin rashes, and flu-like conditions.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to effectively detoxify – without resorting to juicing and cleanses. While there are no remedies more effective than proper diet and exercise, other treatments such as chelation, dry brushing, and alternative medicine may prove just as efficient. Read more

Monday, March 27, 2017

Everyday Foods With Amazing Beauty Benefits

Some everyday foods have amazing beauty benefits, including cheese for long, glossy hair and yogurt to stop wrinkles.
It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that the secret to beautiful hair and nails is to visit the salon regularly.

But experts have revealed that you can eat yourself beautiful if you include certain foods in your diet.

From Greek yoghurt for preventing wrinkles to cheese for a glossy mane, these are the foods we should all be eating to look our best. Read more

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Spice That Stops Heart Attacks, Fights Cancer, and Restores Gut Bacteria

Twain Yobra says that cayenne pepper can stop heart attacks, fight cancer, and restores gut bacteria.
Most people don’t believe that a spice can actually fight cancer and reduce risk of heart attacks. But research shows that cayenne pepper can do just that.

This spice has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. And eating small amounts can give you lots of health benefits. Cayenne peppers contain potassium, B vitamins, calcium, and vitamin A and C. According to research it can improve gut health by rebuilding tissues in the stomach and small intestines. It can also be used to treat cancer or increase the effectiveness of other cancer fighting herbs.

Have you ever had a running nose after eating cayenne pepper? That’s because cayenne reduce congestion by warming up the body and opening the sinuses, thus enable mucus to flow. Read more

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

High Doses of Vitamin C Could Halt Growth of Cancer

Has Linua Pauling been vindicated again> Research suggests that high doses of vitamin C are ten times more effective than some trial drugs.
Vitamin C could help stop cancer from spreading throughout the body, controversial research suggests.

Found in high levels in oranges, kale and peppers, British scientists discovered the nutrient starves tumours in laboratory tests.

Giving patients high doses is 10 times more effective than some drugs being trialled in the battle against cancer, the study claims. Read more

Monday, March 20, 2017

How Junk Food Tricks Your Brain Into Thinking You're Still Hungry

 Kalee Brown explains how junk food tricks your brain into thinking you're still hungry.
Have you ever felt super full after eating a low-calorie meal, or still hungry after eating a calorie dense one? This has certainly happened to me; for example, one day last week I just ate carrots and drank a bit of cold-pressed juice and felt extremely full all day, yet the following day I had three pieces of pizza and three mozza sticks (all made with a high-fat vegan cheese) and still felt hungry afterwards. Read more

Friday, March 17, 2017

Why the War on Salt Is Dangerous to Your Health

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains why the medical establishment's war on salt is dangerous to your health.
The theory that salt is bad for you and contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease is an idea that has become more or less cemented as dogma. Alas, the war on salt has had a number of drawbacks and unintended consequences.

For starters, evidence shows having the correct potassium to sodium balance influences your risk for hypertension and heart disease to a far greater extent than high sodium alone, and the Western diet tends to be lacking in potassium. Read more

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Top 5 Natural Breast Enlargement Questions Answered

A woman's breasts are an important aspect of her overall appearance. Small breasts make many women feel less attractive, which affects their self-confidence. If you are a woman exploring ways to increase the size of your breasts, you have probably come across natural breast enlargement as an alternative to breast augmentation surgery, but you may have questions about it. Here are the answers to the top five questions women typically have about natural breast enhancement.

Monday, March 13, 2017

3 Natural Remedies for Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal parasites are much more common than you might think. If you should be afflicted, Michael Ravensthorpe says these three natural remedies are effective.
Many people tend to assume that intestinal parasites are a Third World problem, but the truth is that they also affect millions of people in the Western world. In fact, intestinal parasites have risen to epidemic levels in the United States, with an estimated 50 percent of Americans believed to suffer from parasitic organisms in their digestive tract. The most common intestinal parasites in the West include roundworms, pinworms, and the protozoan, G. lamblia, which rob the body of essential nutrients while causing abdominal pain, nausea, gas, fatigue, and other unpleasant conditions. Read more

Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Reverse Clogged Heart Arteries

Clogged heart arteries can cause heart attacks, but they can be reversed naturally, according to Naturali Eva.
Many people today rely on their doctors to prescribe harmful drugs, including statins to treat their clogged heart arteries. When the blockage becomes worse they opt to install a stent to improve the blood flow.

Another invasive option is to go for a bypass surgery, which sometimes makes them die faster due to complications which many times we hear due to infections. Read more

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Exposed: The Truth Behind Common Health Myths

From the five-a-day rule to eating oily fish once a week, experts reveal the common health mantras that were completely made up.
Eat five portions of fruit and veg a day, take 10,000 steps, drink eight glasses of water, brush your teeth twice and then sleep for eight hours.

They're the mantras many of us follow in the belief they're based on proper research.

But are they? Recently a U.S. scientist revealed that the target of 10,000 steps a day, recommended by the NHS, isn't based on science at all.

In fact, the number of steps seems to have been picked at random. Read more

Monday, March 6, 2017

16 Superfoods for a Healthy Heart

 Eat your way to a healthy heart from this list of sixteen superfoods.
Diet has a large impact on our health. What we eat can either keep us energized or make us sick. Consuming saturated fats, sodium, and sugar-loaded foods as a fuel isn’t good for health in the long run, as our bodies do not get all the necessary nutrients and become prone to serious health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease. So eating natural foods as much as possible and avoiding processed and fast foods makes a lot of sense.

Speaking of cardiovascular health specifically, eating particular heart-friendly foods can go a long way in keeping the heart working properly. The heart is the body’s powerhouse as it ensures that a healthy blood supply reaches all the organs and tissues to keep them nourished. (Miracle molecule helps boost circulation.) Read more

Friday, March 3, 2017

Vitamin D More Effective Than Flu Vaccine, Study Says

More vitamin D might help prevent colds and flu, according to a study.
Conventional health authorities claim getting a flu shot each year is the best way to ward off influenza. But where’s the actual science backing up that claim?

If you’ve repeatedly fallen for this annual propaganda campaign, you may be surprised to find the medical literature suggests vitamin D may actually be a FAR more effective strategy, and the evidence for this goes back at least a decade.

Dr. John Cannell, founder of the Vitamin D Council, was one of the first to introduce the idea that vitamin D deficiency may actually be an underlying CAUSE of influenza. Read more

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Should You Eliminate Nightshade Vegetables from Your Diet?

Nightshade vegetables made the headlines when NFL quarterback Tom Brady revealed that he doesn't eat them. Brady says he feels better after games at 39 than he did in his twenties, and he credits avoiding the inflammation that nightshade vegetables can cause.
We have always been told that eating our fruits and vegetables are the key to leaving a long and healthy life.

But now some experts are claiming that giving up those in the 'nightshade' family may be the key to warding off inflammation and help fight against cancer.

The nightshade family is made up of tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, goji berries, tobacco and peppers. Read more

Monday, February 27, 2017

7 Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Herb

Milk thistle is not as well known as some other herbs, but Edward Group points out its seven important health benefits.
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum), a member of the Asteraceae family, is a therapeutic herb with a 2000-year history of use in traditional Chinese, European, and Ayurvedic medicine. Originally native to Southern Europe, Asia Minor, and the Mediterranean region, the plant now grows wild throughout the world. In addition to being one of the most commonly used supplements for supporting liver health, milk thistle also offers specialized nutrition for the cardiovascular system, prostate, and gallbladder. High-quality, organic milk thistle is inexpensive, readily available, and should be on your list. Let’s take a look at seven exciting ways milk thistle supports good health. Read more

Friday, February 24, 2017

The 6 Best Herbs and Supplements to Skyrocket Your Sex Drive

These six herbs and supplements will skyrocket your sex drive, according to Jordan Gray.
Your sex drive is a good overall indicator of how healthy you are. If you are a male and you aren’t waking up with regular erections (especially if you’re a male under 50 years old), then that can be an issue.

The happier your body is the more sexual desire it will have. Remember: “Horny equals healthy.” Read more

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More Fake News: Anttioxidant Supplements Kill

This sort of Big Pharma propaganda comes out from time to time.  Bill Sardi explains why this newest attempt to malign dietary supplements is just more fake news.
If you think President Donald Trump is getting unfairly slammed by fake news stories distributed by major news media consider the predicament of vitamin shop owners today who have been branded as “killers” in a news report that is being widely circulated today.

The evidence is not new. But the researchers said: “our study has given a comprehensive description of the response capacity (of the human body) for the first time.” This reporter published a descriptive article in 2014 on the same subject at

The news story emanating from the report published in Redox Biology was quite different than the actual research.

The news report said: “Antioxidant don’t work as billed,” referring to oral antioxidant supplements. Read more

Friday, February 17, 2017

10 Alkaline Foods That Repair and Renew Cells

Eating these ten alkaline foods can reduce inflammation, which can help your cells repair themselves better.  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady credits this dietary approach for his ability to to play at a Pro Bowl level at age 39.
Eating the right foods can enhance cell regeneration. The body has billions of cells. Skin cells are replaced every 30 days, which red blood cells are replaced after four months. Cells in the small intestines renew after a few days.

Eating alkaline foods will make replacement cells vibrant, stronger and healthier. As a result, your immune system will strengthen and you’ll have lower risk of chronic diseases.

Inflammation is known to hinder cell regeneration. Luckily, the foods below have anti-inflammatory properties. Read more

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

9 Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Without Destroying Your Enamel

If your teeth need whitening, why not try one of these nine natural methods instead of potentially harmful dental treatments?
Traditional whitening practices have proven to be quite harmful to the longevity of our teeth.

Dental specialist Linda Greenwall has thoroughly investigated the harmful use of teeth whitening treatments, especially ones that include chlorine dioxide, and argues “these chlorine dioxide treatments are advertised as safe for teeth. It is certainly not the case.” Read more

Monday, February 13, 2017

Why Waking Up in the Night Is Natural

Until the 19th Century, people swore by the benefits of a first and second sleep, according to Professor Roger Ekirch of Virginia Polytechnic and State University. People regularly used to have two periods of sleep and do tasks in between.
It may bring some comfort to those who go to bed, only to wake up in the middle of the night frustratedly unable to get back to sleep.

While today this is seen as insomnia, until the end of the 19th century people did it on purpose.

Well after the Industrial Revolution, many people in Britain still swore by the health benefits of a ‘first sleep’ and ‘second sleep’. Read more

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Great Brain Enhancer: Colloidal Gold

You may never have heard of colloidal gold, but Michael Ravensthorpe says that it improves our mental faculties and rejuvenates our bodies.
Many people know about colloidal silver and its proven germicidal and antibacterial properties. Colloidal gold, on the other hand, is not quite as well-known. This is unfortunate, since this clear, tasteless colloid – which is made from tiny gold particles suspended in water – provides us with similarly impressive health benefits. Whereas colloidal silver cleanses our bodies of microbes and bacteria, however, colloidal gold has a different purpose: it improves our mental faculties and rejuvenates our bodies. Read more

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Root That Kills 98 Percent of Cancer Cells in 48 Hours

 Canadian researchers have found that a common root can kiss 98 percent of cancer cells in 48 hours.
Researchers are always looking for ways to fight cancer. While most of the tests fail, a few have amazing results. In fact, some show better results than chemotherapy.

Let’s face it, chemo is very painful and also kills healthy cells in the body. In fact, it’s believed to cause death in most cancer patients.

The study I’m about to share with you proved that it’s possible to prevent and treat cancer without experiencing pain and harming healthy cells. Canadian researchers found that dandelions have strong anti-cancer properties. Read more

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Natural Breast Enlargement and Hormones: How They Work

Hormones are chemical substances in animals and humans. They are frequently referred to as “chemical messengers” because they carry information and instructions from one group of cells to another. In the human body, hormones influence almost every cell, tissue, and organ. Breast development usually depends on a combination of hormones and the way they interact together in your body. These are the most important breast enlargement hormones and how they work.

Monday, January 30, 2017

8 Bedtime Drinks That Flush Toxins and Burn Fat While You Sleep

These eight bedtime drinks will help you detoxify and burn fat while you sleep, says Twain Yobra.
The body rebuilds and regenerates tissues while we sleep. And this helps the liver get rid of toxins. What you put in your body before sleeping will greatly affect the detoxification process.

Quality sleep and enough bodily fluid play a vital role in detoxification.

Once you remove toxins, metabolism skyrockets and the body starts burning fat faster. Here are 8 bedtime drink that will remove toxins and burn more fat. Read more

Friday, January 27, 2017

The James Bond Shower

Cold showers may be considered more of a "manly" thing, but women shouldn't miss out on their benefits.
As a kid, I was a big James Bond fan. Saw all the movies and read all the books. One thing I noticed about the book version of James Bond was that every time he took a shower, he would start off with the water nice and hot, and then turn it down to cold for the last few minutes. Perhaps this little detail of Bond’s personal bathing regimen was a subtle way for Ian Fleming to illustrate Bond’s Scottish ancestry, as this type of shower is commonly known as a “Scottish Shower.” Who knows. Read more

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The 4 Main Reasons Why Hair Turns Gray Prematurely

It's natural for hair to turn gray as we age, but not all graying hair is age-related. Here are the iour main reasons for premature gray hair.
<>Hair turning grey, silver or white is considered as a normal sign of aging. This happens when our bodies stop secreting melanin. Aging is a natural process of life and many people travel through this process with acceptance. However, there are some who are not well prepared to accept this natural evolution.  Read more

Monday, January 23, 2017

Can 7 Minutes of Exercise Really Keep You Fit?

If you're one of those who claims to have time to exercise, can you spare seven minutes? Dr. Joseph Mercola says this simple 7-minute workout can help keep you fit.
Short, intense workouts are all the rage in the fitness world. While it was once believed that the longer you stayed on the treadmill or elliptical machine, the better, it’s now known that you can seriously maximize your fitness results while working out for a fraction of the time, as long as you sufficiently ramp up the intensity (interspersed with periods of rest).

Very short workouts, as in seven minutes or even less, are also becoming regulars in the fitness scene, although I would stop short of calling them a trend. The fact is, humans have been exercising in very short, intense bursts since the beginning, although they didn’t call it exercise; they called it survival. Read more

Friday, January 20, 2017

Eat Your Way to Better Sex

Yes, you can eat your way to better sex, says Laurie Steelsmith.
Whether you currently feel the need to revitalize your sexual energy or you already have a strong drive and would like to further enhance it, you can powerfully transform your sex life with a little nutritional know-how. The key? Understanding the relationship between nutrients, minerals and sexual organ function. Read more

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eat These Foods to Boost Your Immune System

To avoid colds and flu this winter, eat these food to boost your immune system.
Cold and flu season is upon us! If you don’t want to be bogged down by illness (who does?), you should wash your hands diligently, get the flu shot, and try your best to avoid people who are sick around you. But another great trick is boosting your immune system to make sure it has all the fighting powers to ward off illness when it strikes.

An easy way to boost your immunity is with the foods you eat. Healthy food is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients your immune system needs in order to stay strong. When you eat unhealthy foods, you are weakening your immune system so it can’t fight off any impending threats as effectively.

Below you will find the best foods to eat in order to boost your immune system and ward off cold and flu. Read more

Friday, January 13, 2017

Use This Homemade Drink to Clean Your Colon

Twain Yobra reveals how to cleanse your colon with an easy-to-make drink.
Cleansing the colon will help you maintain optimal health. Colon issues can cause all sorts of health problems including sleepiness, headaches, and acne. But these are just some of the minor problems, here are serious illnesses linked to the colon, according to research: constipation, acid reflux, irritable bowel movement, Crohn’s disease, and colitis. Read more

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

6 Safe Methods for Natural Breast Enlargement

Breast augmentation and breast lifting are two of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Many women undergo these procedures every year despite the expense and potential risks. There is a better way, though. Natural breast enlargement not only works, but is also inexpensive and safe, especially compared to going under the knife. If you are a woman considering breast augmentation surgery, try these six safe methods for natural breast enlargement before you decide.

Monday, January 9, 2017

5 Top Home Remedies for Winter Colds

Nutritionist Sarah Flowers recommends five natural remedies to beat winter colds.
Now is the time of year when everyone is catching a cold.

In the winter, people spend more time indoors and closer to each other and viruses that cause the common cold spread more easily in cold, dry air.

The amount of sniffles that are freely roaming can often leave us feeling worse for wear.

On average, adults suffer from two to three colds per year.

Nowadays many of us head to the nearest pharmacy to load up on symptom-covering medications to get through the day.

But if you really want to speed up the recovery process, nutritionist Sarah Flower offers some timeless natural remedies to help you get quickly back on your feet Read more

Friday, January 6, 2017

Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally With This 4-Herb Tea

High blood pressure is aa common problem, and the good news is that it can be treated naturally with a tasty 4-herb tea.
One of the most common health issues in the US, high blood pressure affects more than 70 million people and only half of them can control it to a certain extent. Don’t underestimate the risk of high blood pressure, it even killed 1000 people in 2013. And if not being treated properly, it will increase your risk for many other health problems. Read more

Monday, January 2, 2017

CIA Funding Skin Care Products That Collect DNA

Be careful whom you buy your skin care products from.
SKINCENTIAL SCIENCES, a company with an innovative line of cosmetic products marketed as a way to erase blemishes and soften skin, has caught the attention of beauty bloggers on YouTube, Oprah’s lifestyle magazine, and celebrity skin care professionals. Documents obtained by The Intercept reveal that the firm has also attracted interest and funding from In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency. Read more