Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunflower Seeds Are Nature's Answer to Antidepressant Drugs

Which are better for anxiety and depression: antidepressant drugs or sunflower seeds? Since studies show that antidepressant drugs don't work, why not give tasty, nutritious sunflower seeds a try?
Sunflowers are the earthly representation of the sun. They have such an affinity for the life giving force that they twist on their stems so their faces can bask in sunlight all through the day. Photons from the sun are stored in the DNA of the sunflower, making its seed resonate with the photons in human cells. This resonance is good for mind as well as body, and makes sunflowers one of the top foods for fighting depression.

Key nutrients raise serotonin levels and boost nerve function naturally

If we believe that we are what we eat, it is clear that nerves depend on what they are fed. While all of the wealth of nutrients found in sunflower seeds contributes to nerve health, sunflower seeds are particularly rich in key nutrients that have a direct impact on alleviating depression. Their high levels of magnesium counterbalance calcium, helping to regulate nerve function. And the substantial content of the amino acid, tryptophan, enhances serotonin production and thus improves mood. Read more

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Live without Health Insurance

Many people are losing their health insurance due to unemployment. Lila Rajiva tells what to do if it happens to you.
I stopped carrying health insurance over five years ago for many reasons that I won't get into here. It wasn't a big decision, because I'd done without it for a couple of years when I was between jobs

In any case, when I had it, it was never much use. I was misdiagnosed on a couple of things and ended up having to treat myself. I got to resenting the way some doctors never really listened. I bridled at having my questions treated like the uninformed babble of a simpleton.

And since I had to pay most of the bill for "maintenance" items like vision and dentistry anyway, dropping insurance altogether seemed like the logical thing to do.

That doesn't mean it will work for you, though. Especially if you have an on-going illness, be sure to do your own due diligence.

Still, if you're a relatively healthy person, if you're cash-strapped or need to pay off a debt, or if you want to strike out in a new direction on your own, you might find my tips useful in helping you go insurance-free for a couple of years.

Or even longer.

You'll worry less about doing without those "bennies" you've got used to for so long. And the less worried you are over going it alone, the more you'll be able to stand up to the big lie of modern life – that people need the government to survive.

They don't.

Here are ten simple things you can do to prove that to yourself: Read more

Friday, April 24, 2009

Diet vs. Exercise Plans for Weight Loss

What helps you lose more weight: focusing solely on diets or working out?
Everyone likes to attack weight loss differently. There are those who like to combine exercise and nutrition; others change their eating only; and some would rather hit the gym and run rather than give up their favorite foods.

Weight loss is possible by watching what you eat exclusively, but the research says that any successful long-term weight loss program includes a strong exercise component. In fact people who diet often regain all the weight they've lost and then some. Not to mention that constantly restricting food can be irritating, leaving us feeling grumpy, tired and hungry all of the time.

So why is exercise better? Read more

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to Live to Be 100

If you want to live to be 100, these ten healthy habits can help you lengthen your lifespan.
The biggest factor that determines how well you age is not your genes but how well you live. Not convinced? A new study published in the British Medical Journal of 20,000 British folks shows that you can cut your risk of having a stroke in half by doing the following four things: being active for 30 minutes a day, eating five daily servings of fruit and vegetables, and avoiding cigarettes and excess alcohol.

While those are some of the obvious steps you can take to age well, researchers have discovered that centenarians tend to share certain traits in how they eat, move about, and deal with stress—the sorts of things we can emulate to improve our own aging process. Read more

Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Natural Ways to Beat the Blues

You don't need anti-depressant drugs - which don't work anyway - to fight depression. Mental health professional offer ten natural ways to beat the blues.
Charities are calling for a nationwide campaign to help promote mental health after a survey suggested more people are growing anxious. But what sort of advice might be offered?

Blame a long winter, blame media fixations with bad news, blame the credit crunch and the thought of looming global depression – Britons are more fearful than they were 10 years ago, the Mental Health Foundation says. And more people are suffering from anxiety, which can lead to depression.

The foundation wants a "mental health promotion campaign that shows individuals how to look after their own mental health".

But what might that involve? We asked mental health professionals for some simple suggestions. Read more

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tart Cherries May Help Reduce Belly Fat

Eating tart cherries may help get rid of belly fat, according to a new study. Why not give this a try? Cherries taste good and can't hurt you even if they don't reduce your belly fat.
A diet containing tart cherries may help reduce the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan and presented at the annual meeting of the American Dietetic Association. Read more

Monday, April 13, 2009

Antidepressant Drugs Linked to Accelerated Aging and More Wrinkles

Here's a study with some depressing findings: antidepressant drugs are linked to accelerated aging and more wrinkles.
The use of antidepressant drugs can contribute to faster aging, including the development of wrinkles, according to a study on identical twins conducted by researchers from University Hospitals Case Medical Center and published online in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

"A person's heritage may initially dictate how they age, but if you introduce certain factors into your life, you will certainly age faster. Likewise, if you avoid those factors you can slow down the hands of time," said researcher and plastic surgeon Bahaman Guyuron. Read more

Thursday, April 9, 2009

7 Ways to Slash Stress

We all experience stress from time to time. When stress gets to be too much, it can take a toll on our health and well-being. That's why effective stress relievers are essential in restoring inner peace and physical health. Anti-aging expert Dr. Maoshing Ni gives seven ways to reduce the stress in your life.
Chronic stress seems to be our national disease, especially these days. Millions suffer from symptoms of stress: nervous tension, restless sleep, difficulty focusing and remembering, irritability, and health complications. Generally speaking, stress speeds up aging. Learn the ways to manage stress, and you will look and feel younger. Read more

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eat Your Way to Better Eyesight

Most eye doctors won't tell you this, but there is more that you can do for your sight than get glasses or have surgery. You can also eat your way to better eyesight.
Maintaining good eye health isn't just about having an annual examination and looking after your contact lenses or spectacles. You can take a much more active role in protecting your eyes.

Nutrients such as Vitamin C, omega-3 oils and key plant molecules are so important that you really can eat your way to better vision, says leading eye researcher Professor Ian Grierson, Head of Ophthalmology at the University of Liverpool. Read more

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Drink That Helps You Think

Northumbria University researchers have found that drinking red wine helps you think.
It's the perfect excuse to have another glass of Chianti - research has shown that drinking red wine helps you

Men and women did better in mental arithmetic tests after being given resveratrol, the 'wonder ingredient' in red wine. Read more

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ginkgo Cuts Brain Damage from Stroke by Half

Ginko biloba reduces brain damage from stroke by 50 percent, according to a new study. Yet American medicine ignores ginko biloba.
>Ginkgo biloba extract may reduce the brain damage and neurobehavioral dysfunction from a stroke by 50 percent, according to a study conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins Institutions and published in the journal Stroke. Read more

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Foods That Promote Flat Abs

Adding certain foods to your diet may reduce fat absorption and help your body burn fat, says SELF Editor-in-Chief Lucy Danziger.
What if someone told you that the way you eat could whittle your waistline? Sure, you'd think. Give up carbs and rely on rabbit food. Not true! I'm happy to tell you that there are other, yummier ways to go. Certain foods and styles of eating can indeed help flatten your belly (and everywhere else, for that matter). Try these tips and you'll uncover an amazing middle in no time.

Gimme a C: Read more