Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Slow Aging with Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been recognized as protective against heart disease and cancer, but it may also slow down aging.
Vitamin D could help slow down the ageing of cells and tissues, according to British researchers.

A study of 2,160 women aged between 18 and 79 by researchers of King's College London published Thursday found those with higher vitamin D levels showed fewer ageing-related changes in their DNA.

The shortening of these strands of DNA called telomeres is one way of examining the ageing process at a cellular level.


"These results are exciting because they demonstrate for the first time that people who have higher levels of vitamin D may age more slowly than people with lower levels of vitamin D. This could help to explain how vitamin D has a protective effect on many ageing-related diseases, such as heart disease and cancer," Brent Richards, who led the study, was quoted as saying. Read more

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