Friday, April 11, 2008

Scientists Say Food Additive Ban Could Cut Child Hyperactivity by a Third

In 1973, Benjamin Feingold M.D. presented extensive research to the American Medical Association linking food additives to learning and behavior disorders. His research has been ridiculed and studies done to disprove his statements. However, about 70% of those who have tried the Feingold diet had significant decreases in symptoms of hyperactivity. A recent British study just adds more credence to the "Feingold Hypothesis."
The number of hyperactive children could be cut by a third by banning suspect food additives, it is claimed today.

The finding by British scientists will put pressure on the Food Standards Agency to force manufacturers to stop using the "E-number" chemicals.

The researchers believe that removing artificial colours from children's foods, including cakes, drinks and sweets, would bring significant health and social benefits. Read more

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