Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Food and Supplements Can Protect Your Liver?

The liver aids in digestion and removes waste products from the blood. Furthermore, it synthesizes proteins, produces bile, and serves as the body's detoxification unit. Alan Graham and Alfred Lehmberg list the foods to eat (and which to avoid) and the supplements to take in order to protect your liver.
FOODS to eat and foods to avoid:


(A).. Bitter Greens - like Parsley, Cilantro, Endive, Arugula, Watercress and Dandelion, these are powerful, "Liver De-Tox Greens." These astringent foods help protect the liver from the ravages of smoking, drinking, and toxic pollution while they clean and revitalize the liver and gall bladder.

(B).. Food Fats and Oils - In my humble opinion there are only 4 (well, maybe 5) acceptable FOOD-Fats! These love your liver:

1). Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) - a "true" MONO-oil at 76% Mono. Use everywhere. Don't believe the silly theory that you can't bake with olive oil because of the "fruitiness"...not so, Olive oil makes baked goods taste rich, not fruity. Read more

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