Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School... without the Meds!

It's back to school time, so Margaret Durst discusses how to keep your children health with natural remedies.
It is back to school time.  While parents are rushing around getting school clothes and supplies, it is also a good time to think about supporting our children’s health (and ours too).  For many parents, they may face an additional challenge of pressure to put their kids on meds for for a variety of attention and behavioral problems.  Many times these kinds of issues can be avoided with better nutritional choices.  Even for good students, nutrition can help keep them healthy and focused and happy.

I get lots of questions on how to keep kids healthy.  School seems to be a breeding ground for all kinds of coughs, colds and flus.  I have some simple remedies I like to use that have worked well for my family.  My all time favorite “keep my kid well” remedy is Elderberry Defense.   Once we started using it, our son got perfect attendance – he only got a cough or sniffles when we ran out – that was 3 years ago. Read more

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natural remedy said...

Schools are like petri dishes - it's where germs are born! :) Seriously though, it's difficult to trust that your child will be safeguarded from many of the common ailments they can be exposed to while at school. Some of these things you simply have to accept but it certainly does not mean you can't try to prepare for them either - via better nutritional choices. I prioritize protein and serve little to no food with refined white sugar added to it or bleached flour to my sons. Their teachers never mention any of the usual behaviors associated with poor diet.