Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vaginal Tightening Gel vs. Pills

Women may have vaginal looseness for different reasons. Some women develop looseness because the vagina has a hard time returning to its original shape after childbirth. Women in their menopausal stages can also develop a loose vagina because of the uterus weighing down on the muscles in that area. Some women are naturally loose, which may explain why they don’t experience much pleasure when having intercourse. In short, you are not alone in facing this problem and fortunately, there are different products that can help you. Vaginal tightening gels and pills are two that you may want to consider.

Vaginal tightening gel

Vaginal tightening gels are water-based, so they are normally safe to use even on the inner vaginal walls. This is important because when you are applying vaginal tightening products around the area, sometimes it can’t be helped that your finger slips into nearby places. You don’t want any complications if that happens, so gels are suitable. Vaginal tightening gels also provide lubrication to prevent dryness in the area.

Vaginal tightening pills

Just as there are pills that can help prevent unwanted pregnancy, there are also pills that can help restore a naturally tight vagina. These pills are created from extracts of plants that have tightening properties. Some of the ingredients of these pills come from plants that have been used in the past to aid in childbirth by helping to strengthen the vaginal walls. Since these pills are taken orally, there is no mess in using them. You can also use vaginal tightening pills even when you are on your period.

Which one is the most effective?

The cost of vaginal tightening gels and pills is comparable, so choosing between them depends on your preference. Vaginal tightening gels work best for those who want quicker results and improved lubrication. Pills would work better for those who don’t want a messy application, Whichever you choose, always be certain to follow the application or usage instructions in order to avoid problems.

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