Friday, July 24, 2015

Natural Breast Enlargement: How to Make Your Gains Permanent

Natural breast enlargement is not something where gains are achieved overnight, so a frequently asked questions is whether the gains are permanent or do the breasts return to their original size after the program is stopped. The answer is that your gains will be permanent as long as you cement your gains once you reach your goal.

Cementing your gains is simply a term for making your gains permanent. Some women who achieve quick gains quickly lose what they have gained because as soon as they reach their goal, they quit their breast enlargement program completely. Making your gains permanent is an additional step that must be taken after reaching your goal although it will not take the same amount time and effort as it did to reach your new breast size in the first place.

There is a state known as equilibrium, which could be called the body’s resting point. Equilibrium is the point or state that the body is accustomed to.. Breast enlargement herbs and massage expand the tissues of the breast, but the breasts will slowly go back to their original size unless the body sets a new point of equilibrium at the new size. The purpose of performing a maintenance routine to cement your gains is to encourage the body or a part of the body (in this case, the breasts) to set a new point of equilibrium.

If you reached your goal in less than six months, perform a maintenance program for the same period of time that you did your breast enlargement program. For those who took more than six months to achieve their goal, perform your maintenance program for at least half as long. In other words, if it took you a year to gain two cup sizes, to keep those two cup sizes, perform a maintenance routine for at least six months. For those who took between six months to a year, err on the side of performing a maintenance program for a longer period, rather than the shortest time possible.

The good news is that a maintenance program does not take the time and effort that a breast enlargement program does. There are several methods you can use to set up your maintenance program. First, you can do half the volume - half the repetitions of breast massage and/or half the dosage of herbs. Second, you can perform your complete program half as often - every other day instead of every dayt. Third, you can split your program in half and do half one day and half the next day. For example, you could take herbs one day, and do breast massage the other. Just pick the method that suits you best and stick with it long enough to make your gains permanent.

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Anonymous said...

that was very helpful, thank you!
I have a little question: Will the maintenance program keep the breast from getting small again when they go back to their regular size after pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Anonymous said...

Does the breast enlargement ringtone even safe? and where can I get it?

Unknown said...

Caitlin, I've been trying to figure out the correct direction to massage my breasts. Most of the websites and videos I've found describring the "Female Deer Massage" decsribe massaging in the complete opposite way your diagram shows and they state that doing it the way you've described will actually decrease the size of your breasts. Some have conflicting descriptions so I am very confused. Do you have beforevand after pictures to prove that massaging this way actually works?

I sm 50 years old and have very little breast tissue left after nursing my 9 children. I have a long journey ahead (assumimg massage really even works) and I can't afford to waste time doing it wrong.

~ Laura

Caitlin MacKenna said...

If the other websites give a different direction for massaging for breast enlargement than I do, they are wrong.

Caitlin MacKenna said...

What could possibly be unsafe about them? I haven't kept up on where they are available. Use Google.

Caitlin MacKenna said...

Maybe, but I don't think so. You have no idea of what you're trying to maintain. The maintenance program is a scaled back version of a breast enlargement program.

Anonymous said...

About the ringtone:

If the results are as quick as described, that means that the skin will be expended and stretched as a result from the fast growth. So my main worry is that my breasts will grow very quickly and then, after stopping listening to the ringtone, they'll shrink back the same speed and then there will be a skin surplus.

The truth is that I've been doing breast massage for 2 weeks by now, so do you think that if I just stick to the massaging routine and listen to the ringtone only once a day it will prevent that kind of outcomes?

I actually prefer gradual and natural results, and I will be so much calmer if my breasts grow a cup in like 3 months and not a week. It just sounds a little too suspicious and good to be true or at least to not having any side effects.

Maybe I'm just talking nonsense and being totally stressed out about this, but I would really appreciate your response.

Thanks! :)

Caitlin MacKenna said...

No particular technique is absolutely necessary. Do whatever you're comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

OK, I will.
Just one last question: Is it critical that I missed one breast massage session? It's one day that I did the massage only once instead of twice.
Sorry for bothering and thank you again!

Caitlin MacKenna said...

No, missing one day once in a great while is not critical.

Anonymous said...

Will breast massage cause the size of my nipples to increase as well or just the surrounding breast tissue?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

No, the nipples do not grow.