Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vitamin D Supplements Dangerous - Sunshine UV Good

Vitamin D is protective against heart disease and cancer, but supplements may not be the answer to raising levels of the vitamin. In fact, they may possibly be dangerous, according to new research. Apparently, the best way to get your vitamin D is the natural way - sunshine.
Low blood levels of vitamin D have long been associated with disease, and the assumption has been that vitamin D supplements may protect against disease. However, this new research demonstrates that ingested vitamin D is immunosuppressive and that low blood levels of vitamin D may be actually a result of the disease process. Supplementation may make the disease worse. Read more

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Anonymous said...

vitamin d supplements cause great harm in the long term. Get out into the sunshine for some sensible sun exposure. Keep taking the tablets are you will develop insomnia, irritability, abdominal pains and a myriad of other horrific problems.