Friday, February 1, 2008

Whiter Teeth the Natural Way

If you've ever considered teeth whitening, you've already found out that it's expensive. Even the over-the-counter kits aren't cheap. Besides that, chemicals, which have no long-term safety record, are sometimes used. Is there an alternative to expensive and possibly unsafe teeth whitening procedures?
Going into the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure is not always a smart option. If many teeth whitening products in the market may involve using dangerous chemicals, teeth whitening products with natural ingredients can be the safest choice. In fact, as most dental experts say, the best way to brighten our teeth is the natural teeth whitening route. Just by using some preventive measures and making treatments out of herbs, we can achieve that pearly whites of our dream. Read more

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Anonymous said...

For anyone who would like to try something unique to help keep your teeth whiter you might try BriteShots. It is not a whitener, but is a peppermint teeth rinse to help prevent teeth stains. I use it after coffee, tea, etc. It’s at