Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Anti–Red Bull: A Drink to Calm You Down

There is a new beverage gaining popularity called Drank. Not content with following the herd of energy drinks, Drank is the antithesis of such products, claiming to be "the anti-energy drink," whose slogan is "slow your roll." This purple carbonated beverage is infused with melatonin, valerian root, and rose hips which give it a sedating effect.
... What the heck is this stuff? On its purple cans, Drank calls itself an "Extreme Relaxation Beverage." The drink's motto: "Slow your roll." [Peter] Bianchi, a former financier who started Innovative Beverage seven years ago and introduced Drank in early 2008, pitches his product as an alternative to alcohol. "We wanted to give the people on the go something to drink during the day which would help them relax, calm down, and not have to keep an old bottle of gin in their drawer," says Bianchi. You can also take a sip before bedtime and perhaps save yourself some cash the next day. "Something like this gives you a better night's sleep," says Bianchi. "You're going to wake up feeling better rested and less apt to get a double venti-venti-venti at Starbucks, then wash it down with a Red Bull just to get through your day." Read more

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