Friday, July 10, 2009

Feel Bad and Don't Know Why?

Not feeling well, but don't know why? Too much intestinal yeast lays low many men and women.
Yeast overgrowth is a health concern that is thought to be a woman’s problem. This is simply not true. Both men and women can have an intestinal flora imbalance that results in yeast overgrowth. Another popular misconception is that yeast overgrowth is a local problem confined to a woman’s body. This is also not true. Yeast overgrowth is a systemic problem that can affect any human regardless of gender. Also, women can have yeast overgrowth and never manifest a localized symptom.

Candida albicans is the yeast that commonly lives in the mouth, throat, intestines, and genitourinary tract of most humans. It is a normal part of our intestinal flora that is kept in balance by a healthy immune system. When the natural balance of flora is altered, colonies of yeast will flourish throughout the body producing many adverse physical and mental symptoms. Read more

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