Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Make Natural, Harmless Deodorants with Essential Oils

You just got out of the shower and reached for your favorite deodorant. You use deordorant because it smells nice, and it keeps your underarms dry and odor free, but did you ever read the ingredients on the label and wondered about the safety of the almost unpronounceable chemicals listed in the too tiny to read print? If not, you're like most people. You don't expect to find products on store shelves that contain harmful ingredients. But beware. The ingredients in many deodorant products could endanger your health. Why not make your own natural, harmless deodorants with essential oils?
Using deodorants and antiperspirants are considered by many to be essential in order to prevent body odor. Finding a good deodorant that does not contain aluminum oxide, aluminum compounds, synthetic fragrances and stabilizers makes for a tough search. Brands advertised as organic, all natural or herbal often contain the same chemicals, either with lesser quantities or with certain additives removed but others added. Alternative, natural deodorants can be home-made, are cost effective and very simple to make. Best of all, they are not damaging to health. Read more

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