Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Cleanse Your Liver, Colon, and Blood

If you want to cleanse your liver, colon, and blood, add green superfoods to your diet for 30 days, says Margaret Durst.
Green Supplements are one of the basic four supplements that I recommend for everyone. Now you probably do not want to take another pill, but if you aren’t eating as many servings of fruits and vegetables as you should, then a supplement that makes up for that is a good idea.

I like to backtrack a little when I address the need for a supplement. So, here goes. The main reason to take supplements is to supplement your diet with something that isn’t there so that you stay healthy. Almost everyone agrees that if we all ate what we should and didn’t eat the things we shouldn’t, then we would all be in pretty good shape. Read more

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