Friday, January 4, 2013

Doctors Don't Warn Men about Penis-Shrinking Cancer Treatments

Doctors are not warning men about the potential side effect of a smaller penis from prostate cancer treatments, says Sherry Baker, even though it is well-known among physicians and surgeons.
Imagine you are a man diagnosed with prostate cancer and, like countless other patients, you receive certain treatments. When you are through with the therapy, you notice a physical change that your doctor never mentioned could happen. Your penis seems to be decidedly smaller. In fact, it's so much smaller that the change in size interferes with your intimate relationships.

However, a shrinking penis would certainly be a side effect doctors would have mentioned before starting prostate cancer treatment, right? So this perception of a smaller penis must simply be the result of a psychological or emotional problem, correct? Wrong. Read more

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edy said...

My father died two years ago for prostate cancer.

The psychological side should be considered in all forms of cancer, but prostate cancer in particular.

Prostate is the center of man's sexual energy, sexual problems due to treatment for prostate cancer I think that accelerate the disease.