Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More Fake News: Anttioxidant Supplements Kill

This sort of Big Pharma propaganda comes out from time to time.  Bill Sardi explains why this newest attempt to malign dietary supplements is just more fake news.
If you think President Donald Trump is getting unfairly slammed by fake news stories distributed by major news media consider the predicament of vitamin shop owners today who have been branded as “killers” in a news report that is being widely circulated today.

The evidence is not new. But the researchers said: “our study has given a comprehensive description of the response capacity (of the human body) for the first time.” This reporter published a descriptive article in 2014 on the same subject at

The news story emanating from the report published in Redox Biology was quite different than the actual research.

The news report said: “Antioxidant don’t work as billed,” referring to oral antioxidant supplements. Read more

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