Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easing Sneezing: Can Diet Help Season Allergies?

A reader asks The Times if diet can ease hay fever symptoms.
My annual hay fever misery has begun. I’m talking antihistamnines and using eye drops which the pharmacist advised. is there anything I can eat and drink that may just help to ease my symptons.

As you will know, hay fever is a seasonal allergic reaction to various pollens and can cause anything from a blocked and runny nose to itchy, watery eyes, copious amounts of sneezing, and if you are unlucky, all of these. Pollen has this effect in some people because the immune system thinks that pollen is the enemy (like a bacterial or viral infection) and stimulates it to release histamine and other compounds to fend it off. This triggers inflammation at the point where the pollen entered your body — the eyes, nose and throat. You have done the right thing in going to the pharmacist and if symptoms worsen, a trip to your GP may be necessary. Read more

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