Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 Asthma Prevention Tips Which Could Be Life Savers!

Asthma sufferers basically have to adopt a maintenance and control aspect in dealing with their condition since the causes have still not been determined. Asthma doesn't have to diminish your quality of life, however. The Herbs Herbal Remedies blog gives five asthma prevention tips which could be lifesavers.
Winning the asthma fight starts with prevention and recognizing the causes and triggers of asthma is a great start.

Astma prevention is easier said than done though and the main problem is a lot of the triggers we need to avoid are the exact same ones we come into contact with everyday. In other words, avoiding them on occasions is nearly impossible.

Triggers such as animal fur, pollens, dust mites, chemicals, general pollution and even food, yes food, are things we come into contact everyday not because we want to but because they are part and parcel of modern day living.

So what can you do? Do you build yourself a nuclear style shelter and simply hide away from society. That thought sometimes is appealing for some strange reason but the best plan of attack for asthma prevention is just to be aware and not become complacent. Read more

Monday, April 21, 2008

Whiten Your Teeth the Natural Way

Teeth whitening treatments at the dentist work well, but they're expensive. You can use this natural method as a substitute, and all you need is a strawberry and baking soda.
White teeth and strawberries may not sound like they go hand in hand, but it turns out the berries can actually lighten your smile. Read more

Saturday, April 19, 2008

How to Reduce Your Cell Phone Risks

Dr. Mercola reviews simple practical things you can to minimize brain damage from cell phone radiation.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yoga Poses Can Prevent Falls In Women Over 65

If an elderly person falls and is injured, their ability to live independently decreases. Even a fall that does not cause an injury can limit confidence and the ability to be comfortable living independently. A new study suggests that yoga poses can prevent falls in women over 65.
A specific type of yoga can help improve stability and balance in women over age 65, which could help to prevent falls, finds a preliminary study out of Temple University's Gait Study Center.

Dr. Jinsup Song and researchers at the School of Podiatric Medicine and the College of Health Professions examined the gait and postural stability of 24 elderly females who were enrolled in an Iyengar yoga program specifically designed for those over 65. They found that at the end of the nine-week program, participants had a faster stride, an increased flexibility in the lower extremities, an improved single-leg stance and increased confidence in walking and balance. Read more

Friday, April 11, 2008

Scientists Say Food Additive Ban Could Cut Child Hyperactivity by a Third

In 1973, Benjamin Feingold M.D. presented extensive research to the American Medical Association linking food additives to learning and behavior disorders. His research has been ridiculed and studies done to disprove his statements. However, about 70% of those who have tried the Feingold diet had significant decreases in symptoms of hyperactivity. A recent British study just adds more credence to the "Feingold Hypothesis."
The number of hyperactive children could be cut by a third by banning suspect food additives, it is claimed today.

The finding by British scientists will put pressure on the Food Standards Agency to force manufacturers to stop using the "E-number" chemicals.

The researchers believe that removing artificial colours from children's foods, including cakes, drinks and sweets, would bring significant health and social benefits. Read more

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kava Kava as a Treatment for Anxiety

Kava kava is an herb that has been widely used for hundreds of years by native South Pacific Islanders. When used occasionally, kava can help you relax and even relieve anxiety.
... Recent clinical studies have shown that kava is a safe, non addictive anti-anxiety herbal, which is as effective as prescription medications containing benzodiazepines such as valium. However, unlike the prescription meds which may cause confused thinking processes and lethargy, kava actually has been demonstrated to improve concentration, memory and reaction time for people who are suffering from the symptoms caused by anxiety. Kava can be beneficial in achieving a relaxed state of mind without the adverse side effects. Read more

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lots of Water Not Beneficial

You can stop carrying around that water bottle now. It's official: drinking massive amounts of water is not beneficial to your health.
UK experts say research which finds drinking lots of water does little to improve health should not discourage people from topping up regularly.

A scientific review by the University of Pennsylvania said some people, such as athletes, may need to drink a lot.

But they found little evidence that flushing out toxins through drinking copious amounts improved health. Read more
Since humans throughout history have never drunk the massive amounts of water recommended by some modern "experts," common sense should have told us that it was neither necessary nor healthful.