Monday, June 15, 2009

Spice Up Your Sex Life

An older gentleman tells The People's Pharmacy how he spiced up his sex life with cinnamon and ginko biloba.
You recently ran a letter from a fellow who was disappointed in the herbal sex pills he bought. I, too, am an older gentleman who has faced challenges in the virility department. I'd tried maca, horny goat weed and other herbs with few real, sustained results.

I also had started putting cinnamon on my cereal to help lower my high cholesterol. I noticed on days that I ate this breakfast I was much more likely to be successful than on days that I didn't.

Then a lady friend of mine suggested Ginkgo biloba. I'd never heard of using ginkgo for male potency before, but let me tell you the difference for me has been significant and sustained. It now is easier to get and maintain a state of readiness than it has been for years. I can be ready again in 20 minutes as opposed to 24 hours. I take one tablet after breakfast and one after dinner, so spontaneity is no problem. I hope this helps other readers as much as it has helped me. Read more

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