Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ancient Herbal Remedy Beats Hayfever

Researchers have discovered that the ancient herbal remedy butterbur is as effective as antihistamine drugs, but has none of the side effects.
Butterbur has been used by generations of herbalists as a potent way of treating the itchy eyes and runny noses of hay fever sufferers. Doctors have frequently dismissed such remedies as “old wives tales”. Now scientists have discovered that butterbur is as effective as the widely used antihistamine drugs, but has none of the nasty side-effects.

“Up to 20 per cent of antihistamine users suffer from drowsiness as a side-effect,” says Dr Andreas Schapowal, the scientist who led the team of researchers in Davos, Switzerland. “There are no specific side-effects with butterbur. It’s a safe and effective treatment.”

Over the past few years Dr Schapowal’s team has conducted a series of medical experiments using the plant. His latest investigation, a comprehensive “double-blind” trial of the type widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, has conclusively proved the effectiveness of the herb. Read more

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