Friday, July 23, 2010

Using Herbs to Cure Insomnia and to Stay Asleep

If you suffer from insomnia, sleeping pills are not the only answer. Merlyn Seeley reveals how herbs can cure insomnia and help you to stay asleep.
Some time ago there was this woman from the US that said she had trouble sleeping and not just going to sleep but staying asleep as well as waking to find that she felt like she had not even slept at all. She went on to state that she had a few friends that had visited a Buddhist monastery and learned to meditate. She said that the two friends came back home and from that day on had the best sleep in their lives and never again had any sleep problems. Now this is a true story but what did the two ladies find that caused their lives to change so much? The answer is they found peace of mind. With the meditation they had learned from the monks they were able to control their thoughts and calm their minds, when a mind becomes calm the body follows along. Read more

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