Monday, January 24, 2011

Vaccine Wars Heat Up

Vaccinating newborns for hepatitis B is the height of pediatric madness and inhumanity, says Mark Sircus.
There is an international war going on, a vaccine war that is going into its next phase – going into high gear and it’s a take-no-prisoners type of war. It’s a war where they crucify certain players and continue to inject poison directly into babies’ bloodstreams and so what if some of them die and others get hurt for life?

Some people and organizations just sell their souls to the
devil and could not give a crap about humanity and reason.

We still have cruel religions that have people throwing babies into the garbage1 when they are born and even crueler pediatricians with their monstrous organizations that attack babies in the first few hours after their birth with the hepatitis B vaccine that in many places around the world is still loaded with mercury-containing thimerosal, which is a extremely potent neurological and enzyme poison. Read more

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