Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural Remedies Treat Age Spots

Age spots are the irregular, sometimes rough dark patches that appear on the skin, typically on the back of the hands and arms, and on the forehead, beginning in middle age. Many people would prefer natural remedies for age spots over harsher medical treatments involving acid peels or liquid nitrogen. It just makes sense because intuitively we know that age spots are the result of skin damage, and anything that does more skin damage isn't going to do us any good.
Age Spots are flat brownish skin discolorations found on skin throughout the body which usually occurs in people over the age of 40. Age spots take years to develop and are not likely to go away overnight. However, with time and consistent effort they often can be treated naturally.

Though age spots are often called liver spots, they normally have little to do with the liver. Excessive sunlight over a period of many years is the primary cause of age spots. Nutritional deficiencies may also lead to age spots. Read more

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