Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cinnamon: One Smart Spice

Mark Sisson explains the health benefits of delicious cinnamon.
We mostly see them as flavorants, as the little jars of powder that line our cabinets and the bags of dried roots, barks, and leaves tucked away in drawers, designed to subtly or drastically alter the flavor profile of our “smart fuel” creations in the kitchen, but for most of human history, spices were also prized for their medicinal qualities. Turmeric for GI disorders and inflammation. Chili peppers for pain management. Ginger for diarrhea. These aren’t just exaggerated cases of “folk medicine” or “old wives’ tales,” either. Current research has confirmed that many common spices do indeed have medicinal properties. One of the most beneficial is also the most common: cinnamon.

It’s important to realize that there are multiple varieties of cinnamon. Read more

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Anonymous said...

cinnamon is truly amazing and i have been using it for weight loss :) hard to find at reasonable prices but for UK folk you could try -they sell ceylon (i.e real) cinnamon as the other stuff (cassia) can be harmful and isn't proper cinnamon apparently!!