Monday, October 7, 2013

The Top 9 Herbs for Intimacy

If you need a boost to your sexual desire or performance, you don't have to go to your doctor for a prescription. Jonathan Cho reveals the top nine herbs for intimacy.
Sexual health is often a hush-hush topic, but it remains an important part of mental and physical well-being. While proper nutrition is key for overall health in this area, it’s always nice to know we can get a little boost if we want it. Viagra has been the mainstream drug of choice, but the side effects are many, and the long-term ones still unknown.

There are a lot of foods touted as aphrodisiacs, and it can be hard to separate the substance from the hype. While many foods and supplements can benefit a person’s libido, the effects often only show in the long-term, and only slightly at best. The list below covers the major food substances and supplements that can most potently provide that more immediate “oomph” we’re all sometimes looking for, without the need for a prescription. Read more

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