Friday, February 22, 2008

Use Herbs for Natural Stress Relief

Have you had it with being constantly stressed out? If you suffer from anxiety, then you know what it can do to your productivity, well-being, not to mention your mental state. While you're dealing with the causes of your stress, you can use herbal remedies to gain some short-term relief.
... The best thing you can do to deal with stress is to deal with the underlying cause of the stress, obviously. But often there is precious little to be done, especially if things are a bit outside of your control. Modern day life can certainly add a lot to family stress! In that case, it is wise to make use of the many herbs that are safe and effective for stress control.

I will only mention 3, since these are well-known and are sure to help you in numerous ways. A very good friend of mine is a natural healer and herbal therapist. She uses these on an almost daily basis in her practice. (I think her most favorite is cognac, but that is not supposed to be one of these! Really, she does use it very moderately to help very uptight men lighten up a bit.) Read more

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