Monday, September 28, 2009

Allergies? Neti Pot Clears Congestion

New York Times “Really?” columnist Anahad O’Connor explores the claims and the science behindthe neti pot. Does it really clear congestion?
The Remedy: The Neti Pot

The Claim: It clears congestion.

The Science: Pills and nasal sprays are the obvious choice for allergies and congested sinuses. But both can have side effects, and some sprays in particular can lead to dependence and nasal irritation. For a quick home remedy, doctors recommend irrigating the sinus cavity with a mild saline solution. One option is to snort warm salt water from cupped hands. But a more convenient approach is to use a neti pot, which resembles a small teapot and sells in most stores for about $10, usually with packets of dry saline solution included. Read more

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