Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hypnosis Can Help in Cancer Treatment

For those of you who have cancer or know of someone with cancer, hypnosis may offer hope in helping the body to heal. We all know about the “placebo” effect, as in taking a sugar pill unknowingly, and tricking the mind into believing that we actually are taking a medicated pill. It’s proven to work in many case studies. Hypnotherapy is basically just that. We bypass (fool) the conscious mind and get into the subconscious where the real healing takes place.
Research made in the last decade shows that hypnosis can cure many medical problems with no side effect. Hypnosis is now successfully used in different areas such as quitting smoking, weight loss, stress reduction, stopping negative thoughts, anger management, pain control and so on. Also the latest experiences show that hypnosis can have positive effect on different aspects of cancer treatment.

There are different therapies for cancer including drugs, hypnosis, radiation, reiki, special diet, surgery, emotional healing, ozone treatment, fruit juice treatment, chemotherapy and so on. Unfortunately, most cancers can not still be cured even with the help of modern science. So, there is a need for a different approach to cancer treatment. Cancer specialist DR D. W. Smithers writes that "Like other names used in science, cancer is just a shortened way of saying something that cannot be simply defined - cancer is no more a disease of cells than a traffic jam is a disease of cars. A lifetime of study of the internal combustion engine would not help anyone to understand our traffic problems. Cancer is a disease of organization, not a disease of cells." Yes, we need a complex approach to find the treatment of cancer through mind-body connection. Read more

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