Tuesday, November 8, 2011

26 Reasons Why You Should NOT Take Prescription Drugs and 14 Reasons Why You SHOULD Take Natural Medicines

Bill Sardi lists 26 reasons why you should not take prescription drugs and 14 reasons why you should take natural medicines.
Prescription drugs – more than 100 million Americans take them, often without question. But why? Despite decades of studies showing Rx drugs are potentially harmful, sometimes prompting drug recalls and news reports of needless deaths, most patients never question their doctor when given a prescription for an FDA-approved drug. True, many senior Americans are forced to forego filling their prescriptions for financial reasons, but they aren’t forgoing their medications because they perceive their medicines are problematic.

Americans love to take pills. The average 75-year-old has three chronic conditions and uses five prescription drugs. Americans feel blessed they live in a country that has miracle drugs that are the envy of others all over the globe, and often feel they want the best that modern medicine has to offer. Newer drugs are often avidly preferred after hearing about them on television ads even though their safety record will not be fully known for a few years. Read more

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Paula said...

Perfectly true, but still are so many people who prefer drugs instead of natural remedies.
As they say, habit is second nature ... :(