Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oil Pulling for Health

Daniel Gartlan reveals how oil pulling can promote healing and maintain optimal health.
One of my favorite and most simple holistic procedures for keeping optimal health and to allow your body to promote healing is Oil Pulling. Many of you may have heard of this practice and may even have tried it. If not then I hope you will give it a try after reading this blog. Believe me; you have much to gain and nothing to lose by doing so.
Oil pulling is based on an ancient practice from the Ayurvedic medical tradition. Ayurvedic medicine is not an unproven “newbie” in healing traditions. It is possibly the oldest or one of the oldest medical and healing traditions in the world. It has been traced back as far as 5000 years. You could say it is a tried and proven system of health and healing. Much like Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has a long history of successful and verified cases. Read more

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