Friday, May 16, 2014

Poison Ivy Remedies and Itch Relief

Todd Walker  reveals how to get natural relief from the painful, blistering rash from poison ivy, poison oak, and more.
pon·der – to think about or consider (something) carefullySpend any amount of time in the outdoors or in your yard, it’s very likely you’ll come in contact with this evil plant. It has successfully reduced men, women, and children to miserable, scratching beasts.Time in nature has a calming, rejuvenating effect on people… until they feel Nature’s revenge.

Over the years I’ve sought out home remedies to stop the painful, blistering rash caused by poison ivy. In my experience, some work, some don’t. In extreme cases, I’ve gotten steroid shots. Like the time I transferred the oil to my nether region while relieving myself in the woods – the week before getting married! An injection of steroids was my top priority. LOL! Read more

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