Monday, August 18, 2014

4 Exercises to Tighten the Vagina

Women often report that they feel "loose," or that they just don't feel as tight as they'd like to feel. If you don't feel as tight and sexy as you'd like, you are not alone. As women get older, exercise less, and have babies, a loosening of the vagina is very common, but there are exercises that you can do to combat this unwelcome change. Not only can you prevent embarrassing problem such as urinary incontinence, but a tighter and stronger vagina increases blood flow to the pelvis, which can lead to more and stronger orgasms. Here are four exercises you can do to tighten the vagina:

1) Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are the best-known exercises for tightening a loose vagina. Here are two basic Kegel exercises:
  • Quick Flexes: Flex your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for two seconds, and then completely relax the muscle.
  • Slow Flexes:: Slowly flex your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 15 seconds, and then slowly release, completely relaxing the muscle.
2) Use Vaginal Exercisers

There are several vaginal exercisers that can aid in tightening the vagina. The best known are ben wa balls and jade eggs. You insert the exerciser into the vaginal opening, and tighten the muscles around it. Over time, you switch to the heavier and smaller exerciser as your vaginal muscles become tighter and stronger.

3) Leg Raises

Leg raises are not only an abdominal exercises, but they also tighten the entire pelvic area. If you don't think ab exercises have anything to do with your vagina, you must not have heard of coregasms - orgasms that women have when doing their ab routine.

To perform legs raises, lie on your back with your legs together and fully extended. Raise your legs from the hips, keeping them in a straight line. Keep your toes pointed up and your back flat on the ground with your hands at your sides. Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle, and then slowly lower them back toward the ground, but without quite touching the ground.

4) Squats

Squats are good for developing your butt and thighs, but are also a good exercise for tightening the vagina. To do squats, stand with the feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider, and keeping the hips tucked in, bend at the knees. Try to lower your butt below parallel if you can for best results.

All of these exercises take some time to work, and the results may vary. Most women, though, can feel the difference in about 4-8 weeks of regularly exercising. Whether you're trying to treat urinary incontinence or simply make your sex life incredible, doing exercises to tighten a loose vagina is a safe, effective way to quickly tighten both your vaginal muscles and the surrounding pelvic floor.

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