Monday, February 16, 2015

The Literally Sickening Official Diet

Was the damage caused by the literally sickening official diet caused by arrogant incompetence or by design?
An 18-page U.S. dietary guideline issued in 1977 [US Gov’t Printing Office] that called for Americans to consume more sugar-producing carbohydrates from bread, rice and pasta and to limit intake of fat and cholesterol, in particular saturated fat, is suddenly being abandoned 37 years later. [Time Magazine Feb 9, 2015]

The realization that millions of Americans have been massively misled by food and nutrition experts comes without apologies from any group that represents modern medicine.

It’s not that newly understood food science has forced changes in fat intake guidelines. There was never ANY evidence to support the dietary recommendations issued in 1977! There was no evidence whatsoever that eating less fat would translate into fewer cases of heart disease or death. [Open Heart – British Medical Journal 2015] Read more

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