Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vaginal Tightening Improves Sex in More Ways Than You Might Think

One of the most common questions women have about vaginal tightening is, “Can vaginal tightening improve my sex life?” In most cases, sexual pleasure will indeed improve as a result of vaginal tightening, but not always in the way you might think. While most couples recognize the sexual benefits of increased friction during intercourse, but it is not the only factor that improves sexual relationships.

Couples whose sex life has been improved as a result of vaginal tightening often report more non-physical improvements than physical ones. They indicate that fewer awkward moments occur during sexual encounters, the woman feels more sexual desire. and lovemaking becomes more passionate. Although vaginal tightening does heighten sexual sensation through the physical increase of friction, the biggest bedroom boost for most women comes from rediscovered sexuality and increased self-confidence.

Vaginal tightening gels provide the above benefits and have the advantage of working instantly. Women who use Kegel exercises also or instead of gels for vaginal tightening often get another bonus - more frequent and stronger orgasms. The pubococcygeus (PC) muscles are some of the same muscles that contract during orgasm, so strengthening them enhances those sensations and makes it easier to reach climax. Kegel exercises take longer to have an effect than vaginal tightening gel, but the payoff is worth it.

If you’re wondering whether vaginal tightening can improve your sex life, just remember that sexual response is directly tied to your self-esteem and confidence. A tighter vagina can make you feel more confident, sexier,and ready to try new things. If you use Kegel exercises, more frequent and stronger orgasms may result.Vaginal tightening can not only give you the vagina of a teenager, but make you feel like one again.

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