Monday, December 14, 2015

3 Ways to Make Your Own Deodorant

If you want to give your underarms some attention while avoiding chemicals, try these three recipes for making your own deodorant.
Antiperspirants often rely on aluminum compounds, known to cause neurological problems, to swell your sweat glands shut. But the thing is: Sweat itself does not smell. Body odor comes from the bacteria that feast on your sweat; inhibit the bacteria, and you will stay shower-fresh all day. Most people don’t perspire all that much during routine activities.

Health-food stores sell an assortment of Natural Deodorants That Actually Work. You’ll see they often contain baking soda, tea tree or other natural essential oils, or potassium alum, an aluminum salt that doesn’t have the same health effects as the aluminum compounds, such as aluminum chloride, used in conventional antiperspirants, according to the Environmental Working Group. All are quite effective natural bacteria inhibitors, and the oils add a pleasant—and safe—aroma (unlike synthetic fragrance). It doesn’t get any more natural, though, when you can make your own at home. Here are three recipes to try for yourself! Read more

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