Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Live Longer: The Ultimate Guide to What to Eat to Beat Alzheimer's, Cancer, and Heart Disease

Dr. Micheal Greger reveals the twelve foods you should eat daily to beat heart disease, stroke, cancer, and Alzheimer's.
When I was a child, doctors sent my grandmother home in a wheelchair to die. Diagnosed with end-stage heart disease, she already had so much scar tissue from bypass operations that the surgeons had essentially run out of plumbing. There was nothing more to do, they said; her life was over at 65.

For many children, it’s seeing a beloved relative ill and in pain that leads them to want to become doctors. But, for me, it was watching my grandma get better. Soon after she came home, she saw a report on TV about Nathan Pritikin, an early lifestyle-medicine pioneer who’d been gaining a reputation for reversing terminal heart disease. Read more

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