Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Yoga for Migraines

Stretching and bending or deep breathing don''t necessarily sound good to a migrain sufferers in the throes of a headache, but they should. Yoga is a physical and mental discipline originating in India. Most yoga now practiced in the West is hatha yoga, which is mainly concerned with asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation.

Yoga is an cffective way to relieve stress, a common migraine trigger, and strengthen the body. Following a regular fitness program helps many migraine sufferers reduce the frequency and severity of their headaches. This makes yoga a good practice for migraine sufferers who want both fewer headaches and less pain medication in their lives.

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As with any fitness plan, migraine sufferers need to consult their doctor before beginning a yoga routine. Home fitness videos and books are great tools for beginners, but should not be the only resources a migraine sufferer uses when starting yoga. Many poses may actually increase the possibility of headaches.

Migraine sufferers who are seriously planning to include yoga in their migraine treatment program should make an appointment with a yoga instructor to discuss their condition and what poses are most appropriate. If they have a book, they should bring it along to review with the instructor.

For migraine sufferers who are thinking about taking up yoga to help relieve their symptoms, but are not ready to commit to spending money on it, you can try before you buy. The following video demonstrates a yoga for migraines routine.

If a yoga video or book seems to show promise of relieving your migraines, it is definitely worth visiting a yoga instructor. That way a program focusing on your personal needs can be developed. Yoga will probably never be the only element of your migraine treatment plan, but it can be a very important one.

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