Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Reflexology for Migraines

Say the word migraine and most migraine sufferers will instantly cringe in remembered pain, their last headache still vivid in their memory. Say the word reflexology to them, though, and you will probably get a blank stare. A 2006 study in Denmark suggests that migraine sufferers who become more familiar with reflexology are less likely to reflexively cringe at the mention of migraines.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a type of massage technique based on the same idea as acupressure - that every part of the human body has a corresponding point on the foot or the handt. Reflexologists believe that massage and stimulation of these points can relieve tension, pain in the corresponding parts of the body.

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The Danish study involved a mix of migraine sufferers and people experiencing chronic tension headaches. around 90% of the people who participated in the study admitted to taking prescrptiond medication specifically for their headache in the month prior to the study. After the study, 19% of participants said they were able to stop taking medication for their headaches thanks to the reflexology treatment.

The study included a course of 6-8 reflexology treatments with monthly follow-up treatments thereafter for a period of six months. At the conclusion of the six months 23% of the study participants said they were completely cured and no longer having headaches. Fifty-five percent of the study participants reported marked improvement in their condition, i.e., headaches were less frequent and less severe. A remarkable 78% of the participants saw an improvement in their condition.

In a follow-up check three months after the conclusion of the study, 23% of the migraine suffererrs said that they were cured. About 41% stated they felt their quality of life was definitely improved.

This video demonstrates reflexology for migraines:

Reflexology treatments were most effective for younger sufferers and those who had been experiencing migraines for a shorter period of time. That doesn't mean reflexology can't help if you are older or a long-time sufferer. It just means that the improvement may not be as dramatic.

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