Thursday, May 8, 2008

How to Cure Chronic Issues with Reiki

Chronic problems are the most difficult problems to cure. Even when they seem to be cured, they often recur. However, Reiki can often successfully cure chronic issues if you follow a three-step healing process.
Most Reiki practitioners have no difficulty in treating acute problems (be they physical, mental or emotional). Headache, flu, emotional shock - these things can often be cured with only one Reiki treatment.

Where it will be difficult to deal with chronic problems. These are the things that worried us for a long time, and as such have dug themselves deeper into our cellular memory ".

In simple terms, this means that we accept their long-term place in our body (or against) , What is harder to get rid of them.

Cancer, weight problems, deep emotional hurt - all these things can insinuate itself so deeply into our thinking that we feel that we will never get rid of the problem them. Read more

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