Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 Ways to Prevent Chronic Headaches

Did you know that headaches are one of the leading types of chronic pain? A headache may sound like a fairly minor ailment, but chronic headaches can be debilitating to the people who suffer from them almost every day. Dr. Mark Wiley reveals the "integrated mind-body approach" he devised to relieve his chronic headaches.
... After personally suffering from painful migraines for nearly 30 years, I devised an “integrated mind/body approach” to prevent headaches of all kinds from taking hold in the body. Indeed, the key to ending headache pain is proactive avoidance of its causes rather than reactive treatment of its symptoms.

Major headache triggers include chemicals in food and beverages and even toxins in the body and air, as well as harboring stress and missing sleep. In order to reestablish cellular balance, one must remove the toxins and stressors that tax the body or learn to deal with them in new ways. For most people, this means a major lifestyle change. Here are seven ways to start: Read more

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