Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Things That Will Make Your Breasts Look Fabulous!

Kaylen Jackson says breasts are a natural accessory, so she reveals ten things that will help you make the most of your breasts.
Seduction involves using your natural accessories – namely, your breasts. Make the most of your breasts (and get tons of male attention) with these ten tips.

Breasts are a natural accessory, much like a necklace. If you pick the right outfit (or even your birthday suit), your breasts can really put a nice bow on the package! Read more


Anonymous said...

What should i do? my breasts wont grow and ive been massaging them for over one month :(

simply depressed xxx

Caitlin MacKenna said...

Add herbs, such as fenugreek and saw palmetto.

Joel ~Greenbush Natural said...

It is nice to see a site where we agree with the advice being given. Adding herbs such as fenugreek and saw palmetto is the best thing to do to speed up the process. They can be applied topically and can be taken orally as well. We have been helping women use these herbs for this purpose for almost 15 years now and would be happy to help out with answering questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I just try homemade bustea and makes me feel soooo sick I think was the fenugreek. Is that enough if I apply the tea w the massage??? And also is the fennel tea an option for breast enlargement too?? Thx so much!!! I love your blog :)

Caitlin MacKenna said...

You can put bustea into a lotion. Fennel is not a good as fenugreek IMO.