Friday, October 14, 2011

3 Plant Medicines to Help You with Lucid Dreaming

If you're interested in lucid dreaming, three plant medicines can help you achieve lucidity, according to The Shaman's Well.
For those new to lucid dreaming, here's a quick description from AuraThirdEyePsychic:
Lucid dream, also called conscious dream, is a state of mind where a person is dreaming but is also aware of his/her dreams and can actually sense the progress of the dream. When a dreamer is in a state of lucidity, he can as well participate in the dream sequences as well as manipulate all the fantasies that they?re experiencing. A lucid dream is often real and dramatic and is highly dependent on one?s self-awareness while dreaming lucid.
Below we list out 3 plant medicines that can help with a link on where you can find some. Read more


Anonymous said...

hi im 18 ND my size iz too small 29. and i don't use anything before but now i want to improve my size and i want to uze funegreek pills because my routine iz soo hectic so i cant do massage r exercise but i read that much quantity of funegreek may cause breast cancer so im afraid plz tell me that it possible or not??
and tel me the schedule for takin pills in a day how many pills i can take in a day? r taking with water or milk?
and how much period required for best results??
plz i don't have much information on this plz help me and my weight iz 42 .OK thanks for reading :)

Caitlin MacKenna said...

Fenugreek has been used safely for centuries. My article on fenugreek discusses how to use it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caitlin,

I have been taking fenugreek (2 capsules 3 times daily - as the bottle says) along with L-arginine (2 capsules 3 times daily - as bottle says) and have been doing breast massage 2 times a day for 15 minutes each with almond oil ... I have been doing this for a month and a week now and have not seen a change, so I just started taking just the fenugreek amount stated above with one saw palmetto capsule in the morning and one at night.

Please let me know if you think this may help, or if you have any other suggestions. I am aware that I may just need to wait a little bit longer than others, but was wondering if I was doing something wrong, etc.

I also thought that maybe this was happening becuase I was not applying the right amount of pressure when massaging - i read all of your articles to see if there was more specification on that, but could not find anymore info.

Thanks so much!

Caitlin MacKenna said...

You probably just need to be a little more patient. Breast massage definitely works too. Apply enough pressure that the breast moves, but not enough to be painful.