Friday, January 17, 2014

Top 10 Dangers of Fluoride

Among other things, fluoride can damage fertility, destroy bones, and cause early puberty in children. Aren't those three widespread health problems Americans are currently experiencing? Ann Marie Michaels. reveals how to get this toxic waste out of your life.
Are you aware of the health dangers of fluoride? Did you know that fluoride can damage fertility, destroy bones and cause early puberty in children?

Water fluoridation has been banned in many countries including: China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Japan. Nearly all of Europe’s water supply is fluoride-free.

And yet, fluoride is omnipresent in the American food supply. It’s in our water, in juice, soda, wine and coffee, in soups and processed food, and in baby formula. The majority of American cities have fluoridated water. Read more

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