Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Breast Augmentation Surgery or Natural Breast Enhancement? Weighing the Pros and Cons

Large, shapely breasts make women feel confident and sexy. On the other hand, small breasts sometimes make women feel insecure and unattractive. Many flat-chested women dream of having bigger breasts. Due to high costs, potential dangers, and the undesirable results of some breast augmentation surgeries, many women are considering natural breast enhancement instead. Although not all breast enhancement methods are effective, some have yielded significant results. To help you decide if you want to undergo breast augmentation surgery or try natural breast enhancement instead, here are some of the pros and cons of each of these two options.

Pros of Breast Augmentation Surgery
  • Overnight results for instantly bigger breasts
  • You can determine how you want your breasts shaped
  • Very perky breasts
Pros of Natural Breast Enhancement
  • Ability to increase breast size without pain
  • Slower results so no one notices increase of breast size
  • No interference with future breastfeeding
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Cons of Breast Augmentation Surgery
  • High price
  • Pain from undergoing surgical procedure
  • Possible complications during surgery
  • Possible interference with future freastfeeding
Cons of Natural Breast Enhancement
  • Slower results
  • No way to know how big your breasts can grow
As you can see, there are pros and cons for both breast augmentation surgery and natural breast enhancement. Since there are pros and cons for both, how do you decide which to choose? The answer is that there is no correct answer. What you have to realize is that it is a personal choice. After weighing the pros and cons, you have to determine which of the methods is right for you.


Anonymous said...

I have done the massage and fenugreek for a little more than a month and haven't seen much results. So I decided to add Saw Palmetto, and increase the amount of time with the massage and consider doing some hypnosis. I have done this new routine for about 2 weeks, and then some stuff came up and basically for about a week I took very little herbs and barely did the massage. I know it's not a hard thing to make time for, I just kept forgetting with how busy I was. My question was do I now basically have to start all over? Or is it okay to keep going even though I missed so many days?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

All you can do is start again. Obviously, you made no progress during the week you did little or nothing. You're starting from where you are now.

Anonymous said...

Also, eating refined sugar, white bread etc., will make insulin spike (spike, not just rise, as sugar is a refined chemical), and this make the ovaries produce male hormones. Too much Testosterone, undercutting everything else you're doing.

Angela Brooks said...

don't you have a video on youtube? that we can follow?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

No, I don't. How would a video be better than the diagram I provide? It's not complicated.