Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Can You Really Grow Your Breasts With Vaseline?

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline® is a well-known product, mainly used for softening and protecting the skin and lips. Recently, however, a new use has been found for Vaseline®. The claim is that women can grow their breasts by massaging them with Vaseline®. Since Vaseline® is cheap and widely available, it would be great if that were tre, but is it?

The basic procedure is to apply a bit of toothpaste on the nipples, and then to massage the breasts with Vaseline®. The amount of time recommended for the massage varies, but it is usually about 5-10 minutes. Perform the massage daily. You are supposed to notice breast growth within 30 days.

Could this method work? It could, but because of the massage, not the Vaseline®. Petroleum jelly has no breast-enlarging ingredients whatsoever. On the other hand, Asian women have used breast massage for centuries to grow their breasts. Vaseline® is fine to use for breast massage, however, if you don't want to buy or make breast-enlarging reams, lotions, or oils.

If you want to use Vaseline® to grow your breast, here are two ways to make the technique more effective:

1) First of all, lose the toothpaste. Since it has no breast-enlarging ingredients either, it's only purpose seems to be to remind women not to massage the nipple area, but how hard is that to remember? Also, commercial toothpastes may contain ingredients that you do not want absorbed through your skin. If you decide to use the toothpaste, use only natural toothpastes.

2) Rather than massage in a haphazard manner, use the proven technique described in my article Increase aa Cup Size in 30 Days With Breast Massage. Other massage methods may be either ineffective or have a breast-reducing effect.

So it turns out that you can grow your breasts with Vaseline®, but probably only if you massage them correctly. Go ahead and use Vaseline® if you want. Just be sure to use the suggested modifications in the technique so that it will be as effective as advertised.

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Ashley Kasper said...

Thank you for this article. I actually started searching Vaseline for breast enlargement and I didn't really like the idea of putting Vaseline on my body because I felt like it would clog my pores or may not be the best for my breast, and then I saw your article about breast massage and everything I read in that article resonated with me and connected with me so I thank you for sharing this!! I love natural!!