Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Science Behind Natural Breast Enlargement

For centuries, women around the world have used natural methods to increase their breast size. At the time, they didn't now how these methods worked. They just did, so they used them. Nowadays, though, the science behind natural breast enlargement is well-known. Four different hormones can enable women to grown bigger breasts naturally.


Estrogen is the female hormone responsible of the growth of your breasts. However, you can have too much of it, which means you cannot just take a lot of estrogen and expect your creasts to grow two cup sizes in one week. The fact is that having too much of this hormone will cause your estrogen receptors to shut down. What you must do instead is keep estrogen leveal balanced. Herbs, such as dong quai, maca, and pueraria mirifica are three powerful plant-based estrogen sources. Also, fenugreek and wild yam can help increase estrogen levels when they are too low or lower them when they get too high.


Progesterone is another important hormone for natural breast enlargement. Progesterone is produced by your body each month before the menstrual cycle, but you can boost your levels by using a natural progesterone cream.


When a female reachess puberty or becomes pregnant, her body produces prolactin. This breast-enlarging hormone helps to develop the mammary glands, creating more fat cells in the breasts. Two herbs known to stimulate milk flow in breastfeeding mothers are fennel seeds and fenugreek. Another method to encourage your body to produce more prolactin is breast massage.

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is responsible for growth of the entire body, not only the breasts. This hormone is abundant in your body up until you reach about 25 years of age. After that, it begins to decrease in the body naturally..

If you are the type of woman who wants to be certain that a program has science behind it before trying it, this article should give you confidence that natural breast enlargement is based on more than folklore. When looking for a natural breast enlargement program, try to find one that does more than just increase estrogen. As you can see, a well-developed, comprehensive program needs to do more than that.

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