Monday, October 16, 2017

High Blood Pressure in Overweight Diabetics

Although high blood pressure (hypertension) is a concern for anyone, diabetics are more likely to suffer from it than others. If you are overweight and diabetic, hypertension can be deadly and lead to a heart attack. As with many health risks associated with diabetes, good control of your blood sugar, a healthy diet, and exercise can help to keep your blood pressure in check.

If you suffer from headaches, blurry vision, and lightheartedness and dizziness, you may have high blood pressure. These symptoms are not only indicative of high blood pressure, however, so you should seek medical attention to determine the cause. Sometimes with high blood pressure, there may be no symptoms. so it is a good idea to have your blood pressure regularly checked at home or at your doctor appointments.

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When you are overweight, the most effective way to reduce your blood pressure is to lose excess weight. Follow a diet that works for your diabetes, making sure you are consuming few enough calories to allow you to lose weight. Other changes that you should consider to lower your blood pressure are:
  • Quit smoking
  • Follow an exercise routine on a regular basis
  • Reduce stress in your life
  • Reduce the amount of salt in your diet
As you are making lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure your doctor may decide to put your on blood pressure medication. If you do have to take medication it does not have to be forever. You can look at it as a transitional fix while you make the lifestyle changes necessary to lower your blood pressure.

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